Prepare/Go option for frames

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Prepare/Go option for frames

Post by fantoma » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:59 pm

Hi everybody and thanks to the developers of QLC+ and you all

For a show I need to "prepare" a scene depending on what is happening on stage and then to have a "go" way to switch from the current scene to the prepared one.

For now I'm testing a setup with a "running" set of scenes and a clone for the "prepared" scenes, as in the example file attached,
I use the same external control for both the submasters while setting the reverse mode on the second frame.

This approach has two drawbacks:
- I need to clone a huge list of scenes and it's sometimes hard to remember to change both the copies of a scene when modifications are needed;
- It's very difficult the have a smart view of wich frame is active

Is there a way for create something similar using a single set of scenes?

Thank you in advance
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Re: Prepare/Go option for frames

Post by GGGss » Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:27 am

First off ... you don't have to copy your scenes... they can be used in multiple frames. That settles your first problem.
Second - have you already seen (with your eyes) what is going to happen on stage when you dim from submaster 1 to submaster 2 ... I'm quit sure this is not going to look so pretty. (f.i. going from your green scene to the blue one will give you an ugly harsh light blue) IMHO it's better to use a nice dimming or if your play demands it a snap to the next colour.
And in reality it's most uncommon to use one external controller channel to control 2 submasters (of which one is inversed)...

Are you programming a show for a play or a dance performance?
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Re: Prepare/Go option for frames

Post by fantoma » Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:17 pm

Try to figure out the following setup:

I have a "red background" scene and a "blue background" one (I'll never use a green scene since it hurts you when fading from the red one)
I put the scenes buttons twice, in two different frames (frame1-red, frame 1-blue, frame2-red, frame2-blue)
I select red on the frame1 and set to 100% the fader1, then I have to prepare the next color for the background: I press the Blue button on the frame2, still having the fader2 set to 0.
Since the recalled scene is the same, the blue scene will be immediately switched also on the frame1 (running)

Don't be aware of the mixed colour fading problem nor about the kind of show I'm programming: this is a technical question and the file I have attached is just for testing/explaination purposes.

thank you

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