Better highlighting of current step in cuelist widget

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Better highlighting of current step in cuelist widget

Post by andrewh » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:10 pm


I use QLC+ for lighting theatrical productions and so we use the cuelist widget quite extensively. We build a chaser with steps set to infinite hold and then trigger them on the virtual console using mouse, PC keyboard or sometimes an external USB-midi controller.

At the moment the current step is highlighted using the highlight feature of Windows, but if you scroll through the list using the keyboard then the current/active step can no longer easily be identified; you only have the orange 'Next step' marker to guide you. I'd like something similar to the orange marker to be used for the current step, probably a green marker or similar?

The problem is quite bad at the moment because of a highlighting problem I have listed in the Issues forum. A lot of the time the Windows highlighting isn't working properly, so even if you don't choose to scroll off the current item the current step is still not highlighted anyway, because nothing is being highlighted as a result of the bug I have reported.

Using QLC+ 4.10.4 on Windows 10.

Thanks for your time and continued support. QLC+ is a great piece of software and I consider myself very lucky to have access to it.

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