X/Y widget efx control requests

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X/Y widget efx control requests

Post by parktheatreholland » Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:12 pm

It would be nice to have real time speed controls on an efx that is within an X/Y widget. As it stands now, I have to stop and start the efx to change speeds. This is only if the button is within the x/y widget that this occurs. I use the x/y to constrain the fixtures to a certain area and will run a motion effect so that it focuses on the band or the house or dance floor etc.... This is a REALLY COOL FEATURE by the way!! I have real time control over a targeted area without having to reprogram an efx. If only I could control the speed....

The speed works when I assign the efx to a button outside of the x/y widget, of course. But then I lose the x/y constraint.

Thank you for all the hard work! It has really helped our Non Profit theatre.

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