The time tool dilemma

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Re: The time tool dilemma

Post by benste » Tue May 30, 2017 9:46 am

I'd prefer Siegmunds idea with the sliders vertically expanded per scene which is curently selected.
Personally i'll usually tap the times using an external controller, so as long as all fields would be individually adressable by MIDI input everything would work for me.
in regards to the fader idea - i disaggree that this would not work well with keyboard / mouse - it depends on the scale - for sure using linear time this wouldn't work, but using exponantial x-axis labels might do the job. In addition on could doubleclick the slider in order to get the original posts idea of showing an inplace possibility to manually write the numbers as well as increase or decrease by component.
The only thing i didn't like about the original post was that its really hard to see which field is currently edited. using the vertically expanded current scene could differentiate that part in a sufficient manner.

EDIT - didn't see 2nd page
Also agree with the ideas of - hugo584 » Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:44 pm
Furthermore i would support the last posters message that for my own usage it is by far more important to be able to edit fade in out and hold times independant from selecting the individual scenes. just like the bottom rigth faders from a e.g. ... chpult.htm

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Re: The time tool dilemma

Post by GGGss » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:49 pm

If I might give my 2 cents:

A 'universal time controller' ??
on selecting a field (f.i. hold) it opens somewhere
you can:
* directly type in the time in ms (QLC4 alike) + [Set] (screen stays open)
* go to the next/prev field (f.i. Hold-Time -> fade-out), press [>] + type in value + [Set]
* go to the next/prev line in your chaser -> press [down] + type in value + [set] (problem : will you know in which field you are ?? normally if in hold-time and next = hold time of the next step in chaser)**
* quick adjust a segment of the value: fi. hold-time = 1:01,1s -> change it to 2 minutes 1,1s : press 'm' button (highlights) press [+] + [set]
* quick adjust a segment of the value: fi. hold-time = 2:01,1s -> change it to 2 minutes 0,0s : press 's' button (highlights), press [-], press [ms] (highlights), press [-]+[set]
* infinite-values: press the infinite-button + [set]
* close window: press X

** additional: have some kind of display above num-keys with f.i.

Code: Select all

Step 5 - Fade-in - 0:12.0
if you press [>] (next field) display changes to

Code: Select all

Step 5 - Hold - 2:00
To prevent unwanted manipulation. If you start changing a value the [set]-button gets an other colour (visual clue) like the [m] button above. If you press the X with [set] lit -> a warning.

This way you quickly can adopt all timings in a chase or wherever timing is important.

ToDo: beat-button + BPM indication???

my 2 cents in contributing to this marvelous project.
I hope you guys like it
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