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Re: QLC+ TEST versions

Post by soundupinc » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:13 pm

yes for that all good)
found new bug
when we use audio triger, for dmx value per volume, it`s not allowd to use slider on same dmx function, it`s all time at 0 value

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Sequence Copy Error

Post by lorenzoandreani » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:22 pm

QLC+_4.11.1.162.exe on Windows 10 (1703) Pro

Sequence Copy Error:

- Add two Generic RGB named "Generic RGB #1" and "Generic RGB #2"
- Add one sequence named "Sequence #1" and create a simple sequence for "Generic RGB #1" (for example two scene: white and black on loop)
- In VC add one button and link it to "Sequence #1" and test it

- Ok: the "Generic RGB #1" turn on and off

- Now create a copy of "Sequence #1" so you'll have "Sequence #1 (Copy)"
- Edit "Sequence #1 (Copy)": Remove "Generic RGB #1" and add "Generic RGB #2"
- Edit "Sequence #1 (Copy)": edit the two scene to create a simple sequence for "Generic RGB #2" (for example two scene: blue and red on loop)
- In VC add another Button and link it to "Sequence #1 (Copy)" and test it

- Not Ok: "Generic RGB #2" blink blue and red but also "Generic RGB #1" blink

I think the problem is due to the fact that the "Sequence #1 (Copy)" remains connected to the scene of "Sequence #1"

P.S.: Now the sequences have two names "Chaser name" and "Scene name".
In my opinion, the "Scene name" field no longer has utility and should be compiled automatically with the same value as the "Chaser name" field.
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