QLC+ (5.0?) / JAVA to replace LUTRON Architectural Lighting Control

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QLC+ (5.0?) / JAVA to replace LUTRON Architectural Lighting Control

Post by tavonmarkov » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:17 pm


I absolutely enjoy working with QLC+. I, and my colleague, are currently working on a project. I am working with a facility that has a LUTRON GrafikEye architectural lighting controller. The GrafikEye Controller runs internal programming, accepts inputs from Occupancy Sensors throughout the building, accepts inputs from these "6 button" scene switches throughout the facility, and these all ultimately run 2x LUTRON GP48 dimming racks that utilize Link2 technology that allows direct control from both MUX control data from a LUTRON controller as well as DMX512.

The LUTRON system is/was designed and modified with a WinXP computer that used some massive SQL database that would update when you made changes to ZONE circuit brightness levels, scene buttons, etc. You would then COMPILE that data and transmit the data over the network to the GrafikEye controller. Long story short... the WinXP computer SQL database took a dump and its in the museum's best interest to NOT have LUTRON come in to attempt a rebuild. It would be entirely too cost prohibitive. The goal of our project is to entirely REPLACE the LUTRON GrafikEye 6000 controller, and put in its place, a control system that we are designing with QLC+ as the DMX controller(s) for the facility.

The design of the new system (a very basic explanation), at its heart, is a set of JAVA applications that communicate to one, or multiple JAVA wrapped QLC+ applications. They communicates with other JAVA programs via an IOT protocol. The JAVA wrapper, communicates with QLC+ with OSC data and OSC feedback data. Various RasPi computers will collect all of the GPIO data from connected legacy LUTRON Occupancy Sensors throughout the facility to trigger events such as turning on Auxillary lights at night when someone enters a zone or in the case of a "During Normal Hours" state, bringing the lights in a museum gallery up to Full brightness from a Dimmed (30%) state. We have come a long way in the past 2 months with the JAVA programming. We still have a bunch of loose ends to integrate (Android/IOS Remote Control via OSC, Replacing the legacy LUTRON 6 button switches with Touch Screen interfaces - utilizing OSC btw, Also integrating the RasPi GPIO for Occ Sensors etc...). The new control system, with QLC+ as the brains of the DMX control will give this facility virtually limitless control as compared to the LUTRON GrafikEye system - at a MUCH more cost-effective price point, as we can now utilize Open Source software and hardware versus utilizing proprietary LUTRON devices and software.

The point of my post is to emphasize that QLC+ 4.11.1 is a rock solid foundation to build our control system with. The design of our system would actually allow control of ANY application that can accept OSC or, virtually any communication protocol. QLC+ has the feature set and customization ability that is unparalleled in almost all other lighting control software on the market - commercial or open source.

After watching Massimo's QLC+5 videos, there are SO many functions that he is hinting at that would enhance the programming and control of this system. Features like the Scheduling of functions, Page lock out protection, multiple external inputs, etc. I am quite interested in getting a hold of a BETA version of QLC+ 5 for Linux to work on, knowing that, as previously stated, there are many issues that are yet unresolved. I hope to see a BETA or Developer version of QLC+5 in the VERY near future. I will keep the forum group up-to-date with the progress of our design as we accomplish major goals.

I apologize if any of my message is unclear, as I am not the programmer in our design. I know how to set up, design and operate QLC+, while my colleague is the programming master. Virtually all of the design concept is his and he has "moved mountains" to make this design work.

Thank you Massimo for leading the progress of the WONDERFUL software.


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Re: QLC+ (5.0?) / JAVA to replace LUTRON Architectural Lighting Control

Post by GGGss » Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:59 am

Thank you for your lengthy explanation ...
Is there any question or is this merely a 'Hail' to Massimo?

The 'Hail' is thanksworthy
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Re: QLC+ (5.0?) / JAVA to replace LUTRON Architectural Lighting Control

Post by mcallegari » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:45 am

Indeed an interesting usage case.

As for QLC+ 5, the sources are online, in the same place of QLC+ 4. On Linux follow these build instructions and when it's time to invoke 'qmake' enter

Code: Select all

qmake CONFIG+=qmlui
The resulting binary will be called 'qlcplus-qml'

- it is NOT production ready
- it is not even a beta
- it crashes like hell (mostly on Windows though)
- it is something around 50% complete compared to QLC+ 4, so if you load an existing project and save, it will destroy half of your project
- you will need at least Qt 5.9.2

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