[Windows 10] QLC+_4.11.1.131 sequence issue

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[Windows 10] QLC+_4.11.1.131 sequence issue

Post by lorenzoandreani » Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:51 pm

QLC+_4.11.1.131 on Windows 10

Small error in sequence:

- create new show file
- add 2 Generic RGB fixture named RGB #1 and RGB #2
- create a simple sequence named "1st Sequence" with two step
(Step 1: RGB #1 and RGB #2 RED Step 2: RGB #1 and RGB #2 BLACK)
- create a copy of sequence "1st Sequence"
- edit "1st Sequence (Copy)" step 1 to set as BLUE "RGB #1 and RGB #2"
- add two buttons to VC and test the two sequence

All is OK

- add two others Generic RGB fixture named Generic RGB #1 and Generic RGB #2
- edit "1st Sequence (Copy)" removing "RGB #1 and RGB #2" and adding "Generic RGB #1 and Generic RGB #2"
- edit "1st Sequence (Copy)" step 1 to set as BLUE "Generic RGB #1 and Generic RGB #2"

Go to VC and test:
With "1st Sequence (Copy)" all fixture blink to blue (NOT only "Generic RGB #1 and Generic RGB #2")

P.S. Question: How are the sequences now working (in my opinion good) need to have the double name "Chaser" and "Scene"?
Would it not be better to just display the name of the "Chaser", possibly editing the label in "Sequence"?
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Re: [Windows 10] QLC+_4.11.1.131 sequence issue

Post by mcallegari » Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:30 am

Hi Lorenzo, I have moved your post to a new thread.
I'll have a look into it as soon as I can.

In the meantime, can you (or anyone reading this) have a round of tests on the latest test versions to see if everything is OK in the Virtual Console ?
I have made a substantial change in the engine for a QLC+ 4 usage case and for QLC+ 5.
The affected areas could be: sliders in playback mode, submasters and Cue Lists.

Everything should work like before the changes, however if you see something wrong, please report in a new thread.

I know you Lorenzo is damn good at finding incredible issues :)

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