Abelton APC40 Mk2 Init

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Abelton APC40 Mk2 Init

Post by sandinak » Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:08 pm

Hey All...

here's the init for the APC40 MK2 .. puts it in the right mode and disables the native toggling.
<!DOCTYPE MidiTemplate>
<Author>Branson Matheson</Author>
<Description>Sets the APC40 MK2 into Ableton mode. Disables native toggle and allows for mapping button LEDs.</Description>
<Name>APC40 Mk2 Ableton mode</Name>
<InitMessage>F0 47 7F 29 60 00 04 41 09 00 05 F7</InitMessage>
Please include in the next release.

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